What Churches Should Do About the Coronavirus

During this stressful moment of this pandemic called Coronavirus, it's becoming tough for Christians to meet in the church and worship. We have witnessed how many countries all over the world have to cancel the worship services or any other gathering that brings a lot of people together just to prevent the spread of this strange new coronavirus disease. We recently witnessed the governor of Kentucky announcing all churches across the country to cancel services to prevent the spread of the disease, the governor of Washington DC, as well as declare that the end of March will prohibit the Gathering of more than 250 people. In many African countries, the cases are not any different since the Gathering of Christians to worship in church has been prohibited, just to mention. Still, a few many countries have been called upon not to meet to pray. Click here to learn more on website development.

This raises the question of what should Christian do about the Coronavirus. With the Bible calling upon people not to forsake the Gathering of Brethren so that you will meet to break the bread and encourage each other how easy it will be for Christians to be able to keep the faith without meeting to worship together and for how long. This and many other questions are some of the strange questions coming in the mind of many people, especially the church leaders and pastors.

However, people not meeting in the buildings called churches does not necessarily mean they are not going to worship together and do normal things as they do in churches, especially during this era of technology. There are so many ways of bringing people together, like the example, people can meet on-air through skyping using zoom people can communicate through email mass text messages, WhatsApp, video calls, among others. It just calls for the organization on how and when to meet and share the word of God and encourage each other. It's equally possible for you to give your tithe and offering without necessarily going to church because there are so many ways that this can be done. 

 Therefore, with government Restrictions of meetings and worship services to being canceled, people can still need online worship and keep the warmth of the fellowship as usual. The only difference is the fact that people may not meet physically in their places of worship, but the church can still go on. Since the government has been placed there by God and it's good to obey and be cautious as Christians not living in ignorance is therefore essential to make sure you get ways of keeping even all the other forms of worship like giving, breaking of bread that is the word of God and prays for each other. This article has discussed what the church should do about corona virus.

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